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I created Mister100percent to offer a unique solution to my clients, an exceptional and exclusive service, based on excellence, attention to detail, trust, discretion, and confidentiality.

I offer a satisfaction guarantee or your money back for every service I provide!

My name is Laurent DEQUATREMARD, I was born in France, but I am a world citizen. I was raised in a modest Norman family where life values were taught from a young age, work, respect, discipline, honesty... I built my life with these values. I have a deep understanding of French and Western cultures, as well as a good understanding of Eastern and Southeast Asian, Middle Eastern, and Sub-Saharan African cultures.

As an entrepreneur of over 25 years, I am constantly driven to enhance my skills and knowledge on a daily basis.

I understand the challenges that come with power, wealth, and status. I've seen firsthand how even those closest can betray trust. That's why I prioritize discretion, professionalism, and integrity in everything I do. Trust is paramount in my services, and I am committed to building lasting relationships with my exclusive clients based on meeting their unique needs.

I embody the principles of trust, integrity, loyalty, and transparency, and I am beyond reproach, highly organized, and meticulous. I have no ties to the media, government, or criminal entities, and I am impartial, serving as your go-to resource.

I am the eyes and ears who represent you in your absence, serving as your essential intermediary and working outside of your organizational chart. I am the trusted individual that one chooses to take care of their children or to ensure the proper execution of a job, even on the other side of the world.

I am dedicated to carrying out tasks as requested, ensuring complete trust and confidentiality in every aspect. Entrusting me with assets, messages, packages or confidential information is guaranteed to be safeguarded with integrity.

That's why I started Mister100percent. My values and my skills at your service.

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In a world where loyalty is scarce and governments fail to deliver on their promises, finding a trustworthy person around you is possible. Nevertheless, the question remains whether they possess the same level of proficiency and experience as me?

What we have already done?

To date, we have successfully carried out various tasks. I use the term "we" because I rely heavily on a select group of individuals who are integral to our accomplishments. For missions that require the involvement of multiple people, I personally oversee all aspects of the mission to ensure complete satisfaction.

- Our team efficiently performed the tasks related to welcoming and screening guests during very important and exclusive events, ensuring adherence to specific instructions and complete confidentiality.

- Our responsibilities also involved the hand delivery of crucial documents, invitations, and communications to various locations around the world.

- We have provided top-notch security services to renowned personalities, corporate leaders, and politicians globally.

- We have expertise in ensuring the protection of valuable assets such as art, cash, jewelry, papers, important documents, invitations and personal items during transportation.

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